Sustainable Toothbrush

How Sustainable is Your Toothbrush?

Toothbrushes have helped save people’s teeth from the onset of tooth decay and gum disease, becoming one of the biggest commodities in oral health. But because of these plastic bristled sticks, there isn’t much attention to how these toothbrushes are hurting our environment. As the demands of oral health increase, there’s much less attention on […]

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How to Floss Your Teeth With Braces

Wearing braces often means that there will be challenges ahead with brushing and flossing. Flossing is often considered one of the hardest parts of working with braces, as the wires and brackets used to align the teeth often get in the way of the areas in between the teeth. The floss can easily get stuck […]

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Vitamin D etched in the sand

Discovering How Vitamin D Protects Our Healthy Gums

Vitamin D has been fortified into many of our foods and drinks, but for some people, the nutrients from our diets just aren’t enough to combat deficiencies. Vitamin D deficiencies are highly prevalent among those who are obese, aging and have little exposure to sunlight. Having a lack of vitamin D can lead to many […]

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Man with fragmenting oral health

The Impact Of Poor Mental Health On Our Dental Health

Our concept of mental health has had dramatic shifts over the last hundred years, shifting from a supernatural and physical-ailment approach to an understanding of our cognitive behaviors according to our experiences. Because of today’s modern approach to mental health, researchers are also looking into how mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD contribute […]

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Pregnant woman brushing her teeth

What To Know About Your Dental Health While Plastic

The ways that you care for your teeth matter during your pregnancy. Routine dental visits are often a safe venture for women for their yearly dental checkups, and brushing and flossing are always the recommended routine for tooth care. However, women prone to high-risk pregnancies or have some underlying medical condition can cause dental treatments […]

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Couple with apples and toothbrushes

Learning How A Balanced Diet Can Protect Your Teeth

What you eat has a distinct impact on your oral health. Most often, people are aware of how eating a balanced diet can lower the risk of diseases to the heart, stomach, arteries, and lungs. Diet affects your body in ways that aren’t normally recognized, however, as your oral health can also be impacted by […]

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Toothbrush Along Shoreline

How You Can Improve Your Sustainability Through Oral Care

Plastic has been a standard material for the world’s products, especially for dental products like toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes, and mouthwash bottles. Plastic and other non-disposable materials often present various harmful effects to the environment. On an industrial standard, dental manufacturers and other companies have to provide long-term solutions systemically, but what can a person who […]

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Coffee and Tooth Models on Yellow Background

How Drinking Coffee Can Potentially Prevent Cavities

Coffee lovers rejoice cause coffee may just be great for your oral health. Coffee, often due to the tannins present in this delectable drink, has had many people worry about their teeth’ condition. Still, research into the composition of coffee has given us some more insight into why it may benefit your mouth instead of […]

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Old Smiling Man

Link Between Oral Hygiene and Alzheimer’s Disease

Oral health has drastic impacts across people of all ages – for those who are elderly, oral health matters more than ever to have a longer life. But when diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease come to the surface, not only are social capabilities limited, but one’s ability to care for themselves is also heavily impacted. […]

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Woman holding model of decayed tooth

The Potential Risk of Cavities From Black Mold

Mold and mildew, while necessary for the environment, can be a huge problem for people when present in our homes and in our bodies. Because mold can grow on almost any surface, mold can present a significant issue for families maintaining their health. For those conscientious of their dental health, brushing, flossing, and regular dental […]

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Do You Need A Smile Makeover

If you’ve ever starred in the mirror and wished that your smile was brighter, straighter, or didn’t have as many chips, then you are likely a candidate for a smile makeover. A dream of a better smile isn’t unusual; more than 33% of all Americans wish they had a better smile. A smile makeover addresses […]

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Dental films

What are Dental X-Rays?

As a common and essential tool in the toolkit of many dentists, dental x-rays are a common part of your regular oral health care. They are an even more important part of dental care for pediatric patients, as their jaws and teeth are still developing and changing. Dental imaging helps your dentist examine the inner […]

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Child Sleeping while sucking thumb

Thumb-Sucking and Pacifier Use: How It Affects Your Child’s Bite

At some point in your child’s life, it’s likely that they’ve sucked their thumb or used a pacifier as a form of self-soothing. While there’s nothing wrong with this in their earliest years, persistent use of this method past a certain age can result in problems with dental development. Many children will have no issue […]

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Woman Holding Side of face

Do I Need a Root Canal?

Toothaches and root canals are often intertwined because many people associate one with another; the popular portrayal of root canals and toothaches often connect these two as the same. However, to dismay that belief, toothaches don’t always lead to root canals but can be treated. Root canals are referred to when the tooth’s pulp and […]

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Benefits of Fluoride

From our earliest years, when we first began learning how to take care of our dental health, fluoride has played a central role. We’d visit our dentist either in dread or anticipation of the strangely flavored gel that filled the trays placed over our teeth after a cleaning. While we got a selection of flavors, […]

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How to Care For Your Dentures

Care for Dentures

Dentures require regular, proper care to keep them from getting stains and bacteria. However, if you’ve most recently begun wearing dentures, you may notice that your saliva flow has increased, some mild irritation, and even gagging. Getting used to your dentures takes patience and practice, and once you’ve passed through those initial stages, the routine […]

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Family Dentist meeting with patient

The Benefits of Seeing a Family Dentist

Family dentists can offer all the same services as general dentists, but the main difference between these two professions is that family dentists specialize in procedures for all ages and take a unique focus on giving family-centered care. Family dentists become the recognizable faces for children, the trusted advisers for parents, and the kind clinicians […]

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A Rendered tooth against a blue background

The Anatomy of Your Teeth

Teeth, like fingerprints, are one of the unique parts of the body, and have a vital role in the body, as they function to grind and rip food apart to be properly swallowed and digested. Teeth are one of the fascinating parts of the body because of their vital role and their constantly changing growth […]

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Oral mirror showing inside of mouth

Maintaining Your Dental Restoration

Depending on the type of restoration you and your dentist have chosen, a dental restoration can be a life-altering experience. It can improve your overall dental health and give you a smile that’s bright, symmetrical, and pleasing to the eye. However, with any dental restoration treatment, maintaining your smile will involve maintenance. Regular dental care […]

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Maintaining Your Dental Restoration

Restorative treatments, such as dental implants, bridges, and dentures, help to manage and restore the mouth from oral health problems. After considering your health and budget, restorative dentistry will allow you to restore parts of your mouth and replace missing teeth. Depending on the procedure, however, you may be wondering, “Well, now that I have […]

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Why Replacing Your Teeth Can Save Your Smile

As our adult teeth come in, most of us will be graced with a full set of 32. Among these 32 teeth will be found molars, canines, incisors, and premolars all tucked in and ready to do their jobs. Statistics reveal that the majority of patients who reach age 45 have lost at least one […]

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Why Should I Care For My Dental Implants?

Some people believe that they don’t have to care for their implants because they aren’t real teeth. This isn’t the case, because with dental implants, its actually more vital than ever. If you’ve gotten implants due to bad oral hygiene or from an accident, then taking care of your implants is essential because implants, by […]

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What Is A Zirconia Crown?

Crowns have been able to change the way people smile for decades. While there is a huge variety of restorative dental procedures available, one procedure that’s not as well known but highly viable is zirconia crowns. Because of the damage that can be done to our teeth, crowns help prevent that further decay and bring […]

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Teeth Sensitivity To Whitening

America has a bit of an obsession with white teeth, and why not? There’s something wonderful about having a bright sparkling smile that you’re proud to share, and with all the new whitening techniques it’s something that just about anybody can have. Unfortunately, some people experience sensitivity when using a whitening agent, especially those who […]

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The Anatomy of Your Teeth

Your teeth work hard, allowing you to enjoy your favorite foods, speak clearly, and keep your smile bright and healthy. While many people know what teeth look like, many don’t know or think about the composition of teeth. The 32 white pearls inside your mouth have a lot of interesting facts about them, and each […]

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Maximize your Dental Benefits

HAPPY NEW YEAR! We expect this year to be full of opportunities for all who require dental treatments. It was a pleasure taking care of so many patients in the 2018 year and look forward to caring for many more in 2019. TIP FOR 2019 As you may or may not know any dental insurance […]

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3 Procedures For Straightening Your Teeth

We all dream of having a beautiful smile with straight pearly white teeth, free from malformations and crooked teeth.  Some of us are lucky enough to be born with these teeth, and others believe they can only dream of that perfect Hollywood smile. Thankfully this isn’t the whole truth, a number of procedures exist that […]

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General Dentists

There is a person in our life who, for many of us, is a constant presence. This individual would be our dentist, a person we see more often than our primary care provider and who is responsible for the oral health of our entire family. This comes as no surprise since our dentist stands guard […]

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oral sedation

What is oral sedation?

The idea of relaxation and dentists doesn’t often go hand in hand for many people. In fact, fear of the dentist is one of the main reasons why people avoid their bi-annual dental cleanings each year. Unfortunately, avoiding the dentist often leads to more problems down the line and a need for more invasive and […]

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