Child at Table Eating Food

The Impact of Diet on Pediatric Oral Health

Establishing good oral health during childhood is essential, and one big factor for their smiles is a healthy diet. At Torrance Dental Associates, we recognize the important connection between diet and oral health. Our mission is to provide parents with comprehensive information to help guide their children’s dietary choices for their health.  The Impact of […]

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Woman with an eating disorder

The Dental Implications of Eating Disorders

Eating disorders cause detrimental effects on both your mental and physical health. At Torrance Dental Associates, we recognize people’s challenges when faced with eating disorders and understand the intricate relationship between these disorders and dental health. In this article, we’ll explore eating disorders’ impact on oral health and provide guidance on recognizing the effects. If […]

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Man Caring For Invisalign Aligners

How to Care for Your Invisalign® Aligners

Invisalign aligners have changed the way people receive orthodontic treatment, and with so many people seeking out Invisalign, it has become the alternative to traditional braces. For those new to Invisalign, caring for your treatment is as important as following your dentist’s instructions. If you’re looking into Invisalign, then you should know that taking care […]

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Bad Dental Habit

Oral health is essential to every person’s health, and bad dental habits can significantly impact your teeth and gums. This article will explore some of the five most common bad dental habits and provide tips for improving oral health.    Do You Have These 5 Bad Dental Habits?  Breaking bad dental habits can be challenging, […]

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Family Brushing Their Teeth Together

Achieving Better Oral Health With Family Dentistry

Family dentists work with patients all over to give them better access to dental care. They’re able to offer a variety of affordable, comprehensive treatments and, most of all, improve their patient’s oral health. Families seeking dental care can easily find all the treatments they need at their family dentist, but what makes family dentists […]

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Woman experiencing Jawlock

Why Does My Jaw Keep Locking? | The Truth Behind Lockjaw

Your jaw is extremely powerful, exerting up to 125 kg or 275 lbs of force in a single bite, making your mouth extremely strong! But what happens when your jaw keeps locking? If you’ve been noticing that your jaw keeps locking, clicking, and popping every time you move your jaw, then you may be experiencing […]

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Infant's Gums Getting Cleaned By Parent

What You Need To Know About Infant Oral Care

Your child’s teeth need to be cared for from birth, as practicing healthy habits can prevent and reduce the risk of tooth decay and gum disease in infants and children. Infant oral care means learning how to care for your infant’s teeth throughout their childhood and taking advice from your most trusted dentists for their […]

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Oral Checkup with Patient Mouth Closeup

The Difference Between Dentists amd Endodontists

Dentists can come from various specialties to care for your teeth and gums. Endodontists, however, come from a particularly under-noted area that should get more credit. Dentists and endodontists may sound like they work on the same thing, but they differ significantly. So, what’s the difference between dentists and endodontists? Let’s provide an overview:  Understanding […]

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Woman Struggling with Smile Dysmorphia

What Is Smile Dysmorphia And How It Affects Dentistry

It’s estimated that around two percent of the population suffers from facial or body dysmorphia, causing negative self-perceptions of their face or body and obsessions over certain features of their physical appearance. In dentistry, it’s commonly referred to as smile dysmorphia, a form of dysmorphia that’s associated with how their smile looks. Focusing on these […]

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Dental Consultation

How Cosmetic Dentists Can Improve Your Smile

Cosmetic dentistry often has many problems to face when caring for people’s oral health. Most of all, it faces many harmful labels, often removing its usefulness in dentistry. Cosmetic and aesthetic dental fields are even more important than people realize. We’re here today to argue why cosmetic dentistry is vital for expanding research and patient […]

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White Spot Lesions

How To See Early Signs of Pediatric Tooth Decay

Children’s health is a vitally important part of everyone’s lives, and instilling good habits in children now can help prevent them from experiencing hardships in the future. When it comes to their dental health, it means paying attention to the early warning signs of tooth decay and treating it right away. But what is pediatric […]

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Man with Periodontal Disease

Why More Men Are Receiving Cosmetic Dental Treatment

Cosmetic dentistry has become a highly sought demand due to the influences of social media and cosmetic beauty. So much so that a study conducted back in 2021 showed that social media strongly influences the conversations around beauty, with more women participating in those topics, creating a higher amount of health literacy. While the concept […]

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Colorful Braces

What is The Orthodontic Anchorage Control Technique?

In dentistry, the anchorage is the resistance used to manipulate undesired tooth movement, and for dentists, anchorage loss can be a significant problem during treatment. Anchorage control must be maintained to help patients maintain the easiest tooth movement possible, and throughout dentistry, numerous techniques are used to provide safe movement over time. Throughout this article, […]

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Vector Image of Tooth Close Up

What Does A Conservative Approach Mean in General Dentistry?

Dental procedures can be scary for many, and for patients with severe tooth decay, forming that level of trust in their dentist can be terrifying at first. For dentists, treating complex dental problems comes with some major challenges because even with the best judgment in mind, excessive tooth removal is permanent and can lead to […]

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Historical Dental Office

How Dentistry Has Evolved Over The Last 60 Years

Over the last 60 years, there have been numerous advancements in treatment and innovations in technology that have helped dentists keep up with the demands of today’s health industry. This includes improvements in techniques, the introduction of new specialties, and further clinical trials that have ultimately resulted in what we know today as modern dentistry.  […]

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Orthodontic Anchorage

Our Strategies for Treating Orthodontic Pain

When the time comes to start orthodontic treatment, it’s normal to be a little nervous. The process is very routine, and the outcomes can improve your appearance and oral health. There are a lot of underlying reasons to receive orthodontic care. Your jaw may be out of position, causing problems with your bite. You may […]

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Migrating From In-Office Care To Teledentistry

Telehealth services have been a part of medical practice since the invention of the telephone. The arrival of video calling, instant messaging, and high-speed internet started the push for it to be more available. When the pandemic hit, it quickly drove telehealth practices into being part of our everyday lives. Every part of the medical […]

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CBCT Technology

How Digital Impressions Produce Better Orthodontics

The moment you decide to undergo orthodontic treatment can be an exciting time. You know that you’ll have a beautiful, healthier smile when the process is completed. Between this initial decision and the outcome you dream of used to lay some uncomfortable experiences. X-rays would need to be taken using uncomfortable bite plates. Then you’d […]

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Tooth Model

How Dentists Identify Oral Signs Of Child Abuse

Abuse and neglect of children remain an ongoing public health concern in countries around the world. It can be found in every walk of life and is not limited by ethnic, cultural, or socioeconomic concerns. Child abuse or neglect is defined as allowing a child to come to serious physical or emotional harm, exploitation, or […]

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Oral Cancer

Periodontal Disease and Your Cancer Risk

Periodontal disease is one of the most significant and most challenging oral diseases faced by people daily. When bacteria begin to infect the gums and even begin infecting the tooth roots and jaw structures, causing irreversible damage that cannot be repaired naturally, but if you’ve ever wondered about the long-term consequences of periodontal disease can […]

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Is It Possible To End Cavities For Good?

For most people, when they get a cavity, their first instincts are to head on over to their local dentist. For some patients, however, the fear of a cavity coming in can be a huge source of stress and can even lead to avoiding treatment and causing that cavity to become worse. New and worsening […]

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Sustainable Toothbrush

How Sustainable is Your Toothbrush?

Toothbrushes have helped save people’s teeth from the onset of tooth decay and gum disease, becoming one of the biggest commodities in oral health. But because of these plastic bristled sticks, there isn’t much attention to how these toothbrushes are hurting our environment. As the demands of oral health increase, there’s much less attention on […]

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How to Floss Your Teeth With Braces

Wearing braces often means that there will be challenges ahead with brushing and flossing. Flossing is often considered one of the hardest parts of working with braces, as the wires and brackets used to align the teeth often get in the way of the areas in between the teeth. The floss can easily get stuck […]

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Vitamin D etched in the sand

Discovering How Vitamin D Protects Our Healthy Gums

Vitamin D has been fortified into many of our foods and drinks, but for some people, the nutrients from our diets just aren’t enough to combat deficiencies. Vitamin D deficiencies are highly prevalent among those who are obese, aging and have little exposure to sunlight. Having a lack of vitamin D can lead to many […]

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Man with fragmenting oral health

The Impact Of Poor Mental Health On Our Dental Health

Our concept of mental health has had dramatic shifts over the last hundred years, shifting from a supernatural and physical-ailment approach to an understanding of our cognitive behaviors according to our experiences. Because of today’s modern approach to mental health, researchers are also looking into how mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD contribute […]

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Pregnant woman brushing her teeth

What To Know About Your Dental Health While Plastic

The ways that you care for your teeth matter during your pregnancy. Routine dental visits are often a safe venture for women for their yearly dental checkups, and brushing and flossing are always the recommended routine for tooth care. However, women prone to high-risk pregnancies or have some underlying medical condition can cause dental treatments […]

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Couple with apples and toothbrushes

Learning How A Balanced Diet Can Protect Your Teeth

What you eat has a distinct impact on your oral health. Most often, people are aware of how eating a balanced diet can lower the risk of diseases to the heart, stomach, arteries, and lungs. Diet affects your body in ways that aren’t normally recognized, however, as your oral health can also be impacted by […]

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Toothbrush Along Shoreline

How You Can Improve Your Sustainability Through Oral Care

Plastic has been a standard material for the world’s products, especially for dental products like toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes, and mouthwash bottles. Plastic and other non-disposable materials often present various harmful effects to the environment. On an industrial standard, dental manufacturers and other companies have to provide long-term solutions systemically, but what can a person who […]

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Coffee and Tooth Models on Yellow Background

How Drinking Coffee Can Potentially Prevent Cavities

Coffee lovers rejoice cause coffee may just be great for your oral health. Coffee, often due to the tannins present in this delectable drink, has had many people worry about their teeth’ condition. Still, research into the composition of coffee has given us some more insight into why it may benefit your mouth instead of […]

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Old Smiling Man

Link Between Oral Hygiene and Alzheimer’s Disease

Oral health has drastic impacts across people of all ages – for those who are elderly, oral health matters more than ever to have a longer life. But when diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease come to the surface, not only are social capabilities limited, but one’s ability to care for themselves is also heavily impacted. […]

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