Maximize your Dental Benefits

HAPPY NEW YEAR! We expect this year to be full of opportunities for all who require dental treatments. It was a pleasure taking care of so many patients in the 2018 year and look forward to caring for many more in 2019. TIP FOR 2019 As you may or may not know any dental insurance […]

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3 Procedures For Straightening Your Teeth

We all dream of having a beautiful smile with straight pearly white teeth, free from malformations and crooked teeth.  Some of us are lucky enough to be born with these teeth, and others believe they can only dream of that perfect Hollywood smile. Thankfully this isn’t the whole truth, a number of procedures exist that […]

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General Dentists

There is a person in our life who, for many of us, is a constant presence. This individual would be our dentist, a person we see more often than our primary care provider and who is responsible for the oral health of our entire family. This comes as no surprise since our dentist stands guard […]

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oral sedation

What is oral sedation?

The idea of relaxation and dentists doesn’t often go hand in hand for many people. In fact, fear of the dentist is one of the main reasons why people avoid their bi-annual dental cleanings each year. Unfortunately, avoiding the dentist often leads to more problems down the line and a need for more invasive and […]

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Welcome to Torrance Dental Associates

Thank you for visiting the blog of Torrance Dental Associates. Don’t forget to check in periodically to see our latest posts.

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