What Is A Zirconia Crown?


Crowns have been able to change the way people smile for decades. While there is a huge variety of restorative dental procedures available, one procedure that’s not as well known but highly viable is zirconia crowns. Because of the damage that can be done to our teeth, crowns help prevent that further decay and bring smiles back to life, but for those who wish to try something a lot more durable, then zirconia crowns might just be the solution you need to get your smile back again.

What Is a Zirconia Crown?

Zirconia crowns have revolutionized restorative dentistry. Zirconia is a metal classified under the titanium family, having similar properties. Durable, it’s been used to make up crown material to form and shape the tooth. This type of metal was discovered 80 years ago, and since then it has helped change the way that dental implants are treated and installed. Giving patients a new option for crowns, zirconia crowns are highly attractive, can naturally bond to implants naturally.

What are the Benefits of Zirconia Crowns?

The material itself is just as durable as natural teeth, and because teeth are the enamel of the teeth is the hardest substance in the body, zirconia can match up to the strength that teeth have. In comparison to porcelain crowns, the materials don’t have to be outsourced to an outside dental lab. It also takes a lot less time to place, so patients looking for a quick appointment will have one. The crowns, if ever damaged, can also be easily adjusted to the surrounding teeth and cemented perfectly in its spot.

What are the Disadvantages of Zirconia Crowns?

Because of its durable material, it isn’t as light or as translucent as porcelain crowns. So, for patients who want a more natural appearance, they may not like zirconia crowns. As for the costs, some insurance companies will not cover for zirconia crowns, and the out of pocket expenses can seem too unrealistic for those on a budget.

How to Care For Zirconia Crowns

Regular brushing, flossing, and mouthwash are the appropriate ways to take care of zirconia crowns, which is just like taking care of your natural teeth! These habits will help ensure that your teeth remain bright, clean, and glistening for years to come, as you don’t have to worry about taking any extra procedures when it comes to your zirconia crowns. However, if you are extra particular about taking care of your teeth, using a soft to medium bristle brush will help aid in caring for your teeth.

Zirconia crowns have been widely used by dentists for a long time. If you’re looking to see if zirconia crowns are right for you, then don’t hesitate to call Torrance Dental Associates in Torrance, CA. Under the guise and professionalism of Dr. Alireza Movassaghi, his team of dentists and practitioners will be able to aid in caring for your teeth, help install new crowns to your liking, and give you the most sound advice on taking care of your teeth.

Alireza Movassaghi, D.D.S and Other Dentist Torrance Dental Associates is proud to be the home of Dr. Alireza Movassaghi, a USC School of Dentistry Graduate with 30 years of experience. His mission is to expand access to dental care throughout the Los Angeles area. When not engaged in providing expert dental care for his patients, he's taking in the latest soccer game and enjoying fine cars.
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