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Details on Conservative Cosmetic Dentistry

The most common reason a patient visits their dentist is for preventative care. This makes them second only to this reason for visiting their dentist is cosmetic care. These past few years have seen an ever-increasing demand for cosmetic dental procedures. Despite this increased interest, these patients still express a modicum of concern. Many believe that for cosmetic dentistry to be effective, the procedures must be uncomfortable or invasive. The truth is that every year sees, more non-invasive or conservative cosmetic dental options are made available to the public. The majority of popular cosmetic dental procedures are conservative. Keep reading to learn more.

Getting The Details on Conservative Cosmetic Dentistry 

Clear aligners, cosmetic bonding, and dental whitening are those that patients seeking cosmetic dentistry gravitate to most often. Clear aligners are cosmetic treatments with a therapeutic element. One element of these treatments is that they don’t overly impact healthy tissue to achieve their benefits. This is an often understated benefit of these treatments. Retaining healthy tissue and your original teeth ensures lasting oral health. This is true even when the health of your teeth has been impacted by decay or trauma. Repairing the damage and eliminating the decay while retaining healthy tissue is essential. This remains true for cosmetic treatments as well. Below are three cosmetic treatment options that retain healthy tissue while providing aesthetic benefits:

  • Dental Whitening – Our teeth’ color can significantly impact our smile’s overall beauty. Reducing or eliminating staining can serve an important role in improving our smiles. Professional whitening can be done quickly and without impacting healthy tissue. Your dental provider can achieve results in as little as 30 minutes. This is accomplished by using a special peroxide solution that breaks down staining proteins on our teeth. The results are often boosted using a special form of light.
  • Clear Aligners – For many years, adjusting misaligned teeth required the use of wires and brackets in the form of traditional braces. The introduction of clear aligners has overturned this. In many cases, these adjustments can be achieved using aligners such as Invisalign, which you can wear for 22 hours daily. This ability allows the wearer to properly clean their teeth without interference and eat their favorite foods unrestricted.
  • Dental Bonding – This procedure uses a special composite bonding material to rebuild cracked or chipped teeth. You can also use it to fill gaps in the teeth and address minor misalignments. Your dental provider can achieve all of this without removing any healthy tissue from the teeth.

These three dental treatments represent those most frequently sought by dental patients looking for cosmetic care.

Contact Us For Conservative Dental Treatments

Cosmetic care can do a lot for our perception of our appearance. We can eliminate embarrassing staining and malformed teeth through these methods. Call us to determine what cosmetic treatment options are appropriate for oral care.

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