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Foods That Brighten Your Teeth

Keeping teeth white and fresh-looking is a prevalent concern to many people. Having a bright white smile makes us feel confident, clean, and pulled together, ready to share our smile with the world. Research has demonstrated that those with a bright smile perform better in social situations and have improved chances of getting a new job or that promotion they’re gunning for. While there are many whitening treatments available over-the-counter and through your dental office, you can also use these foods to achieve your goal of a shiny white smile.


When eaten raw cauliflower has a delightful crunch that makes it a joy to eat. The time it takes to chew up a piece, and the rough texture work together to brighten your smile. This ability is due in part to stimulating saliva production, one of your body’s natural defenses against bacteria and tooth decay. The rough texture of the plant causes it to scrub away plaque and tartar while you chew, giving you a quick brush along with your snack.


This fact may come as a bit of a surprise, but the bright red color of strawberries that will stain your clothes won’t stain your teeth. They can whiten your teeth thanks to the action of malic acid, a substance they contain naturally. To get the greatest advantage from this, squish up your strawberries and spread them on your teeth for three-to-five minutes before rinsing them off. Voila! Whiter teeth!


Milk and dairy products have always been associated with healthy teeth and bones, and cheese is no exception. Lactic acid and calcium come together in milk, yogurts, and cheeses to help strengthen your teeth while also whitening them. Cheese also has a tendency to stimulate saliva production, which helps wash away bacteria and make your mouth a less pleasant place for them to live. All of this makes them a great option for a healthy, natural teeth whitener.


Just like cauliflower, the crisp, crunchy texture of apples make them a great choice for cleaning and whitening your teeth. The rough texture helps to scrape away plaque and tartar while stimulating the production of saliva. An apple a day can keep the root canal away too!


Celery is low-calorie, flush with water, and completely filled with fibers. These little fibers make it excellent at brushing your teeth as you chew, cleaning away particles and plaque as you go. Along with being mostly made of water, celery is excellent at restoring clean, shiny whiteness to your teeth.

These natural and healthy choices are a great way to help preserve your teeth and restore their shining whiteness. If you’re looking for professional whitening options, you can call Dr. Alireza Movassaghi at Torrance Dental Associates today! They take pride in providing preventative and cosmetic dentistry options to their patients in the Alameda, CA area, and are ready to accept you into their patient family. Don’t let yellowed teeth prevent you from sharing your bright smile with the world, call us today!

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