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How Coffee And Other Foods Can Help Reduce Cavities

Throughout our lives, we’ve been advised to avoid certain high sugar and acid foods in the interest of protecting our teeth from the damaging effects they can have. However, outside of dairy products, we’re often left with limited information about what we can add to our diet to help prevent cavities. When we started researching this topic, we discovered that there are some foods that are good for your teeth that were pretty surprising! Below we’re taking the time to cover some of the things we’ve learned so that dental patients like you take advantage of them!

A Collection Of Cavity Fighting Foods And Drinks You Can Enjoy

When we first started looking into this list, we figured it was going to be made up of foods that you should avoid to get away from sugar and acid. As a result, we figured the end result was going to be pretty boring, but we were pleasantly surprised indeed! When you’re looking for things you can add to your diet to protect your teeth, consider the following:

  • Coffee – That’s right, your morning brew is the first thing on the list. While you really only benefit if you’re drinking black coffee, it’s been discovered that there are elements in coffee released during brewing that serve to protect your teeth. The required amount? About three cups of coffee a day.
  • Tea – Not a fan of the bean? That’s ok! Black and green tea are especially good at protecting your teeth, in part due to their fluoride content. The antibacterial nature of tea also helps. As with coffee, you’re going to get the most benefit if you drink it unsweetened.
  • Seafood – Do you love crab? Shrimp? What about other ocean fish and delicious treats like crawfish? It just so happens that the natural sodium fluoride content of the ocean makes these foods a great supplement for oral health.
  • Raisins – It’s not all about avoiding sweets! Raisins have been demonstrated to be high in phytochemicals, which work to prevent cavity formation by eliminating bacteria on your teeth. Unsweetened raisins are, of course, best for this.
  • Peanuts – This one surprised us as well! The high amount of fiber in peanuts serves to fight cavities, along with providing much-needed protein and nutrients. As with all the above, you should avoid sweetened peanuts, but there’s plenty of options!

These foods are easily available and generally pretty affordable as well! Indulging in them provides you with an edge against cavity formation and can be healthy snacks as well!  

Other Choices You Can Make To Protect Your Teeth

In addition to the above, you can also choose to get xylitol-based candies that are sugar-free. While being sugar-free is already helpful, there is evidence that xylitol has actually been shown to fight cavities. More than this, it also has been shown to reduce the forming of cavities early in their development. Seeing your dentist is obviously an important part of taking care of your teeth, and they’ll have other dietary suggestions as well. Call yours today to schedule a consultation and exam!

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