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Take Your Mouth To The Spa In The Dental Aisle

It’s finally time for you to settle down and relax, and you’re considering what exactly you can do to pamper yourself this weekend. You’ve considered stopping by your local bath and body store to get bath bombs and body lotion, and maybe a manicure and some new nail polish from your favorite salon. Have you considered stopping by the dental aisle and giving your mouth some pampering as well? Every day we use our mouths for everything from talking to eating, when was the last time you decided to spend a little time and care on it? The next time you head out to pamper yourself, swing by the dental aisle and see what they have to offer. Need some ideas? Check out our list below.

• Flossing Doesn’t Have To Be Torture –
We know, flossing is enough of a chore it’s hard to think about how you would pamper your mouth in the process. First, consider stopping to pick up some tools that will make it easier to reach the dark recesses of your mouth without having to contort your fingers around a piece of waxed string.
• Brighten Up Your Smile With Teeth Whiteners – Teeth whitening agents are all the rage these days, and multiple options are sitting on your pharmacy shelf to help you get the brightest smile you can. Consider the whitening toothpaste as a first step, and then looking into strips, trays, and overnight treatments to bring the pearly white back toy our smile.
• Toothpaste In All The Flavors Of The Rainbow – Most people only think of cinnamon or mint when they consider getting toothpaste. These people are unaware that with a little looking around you can find toothpaste in just about any flavor you can conceive of. Looking for a Coconut Mango Toothpaste? It exists. Love Pina Coladas? Start your day with a guilt-free one in your toothpaste. Really enjoy licorice? It’s out there!
• Toothbrushes with Buzz! – There’s been mounting evidence that electric toothbrushes provide a superior brushing experience over standard ones, so maybe it’s time to invest in one for yourself. If you want to get really extravagant, they also have toothbrushes with built-in water-picks, sonic toothbrushes that combine electric technology with sonic technology for a greater clean, and much more!

Every day we consider all the little ways we can spoil ourselves, and through it, all our mouths go mostly unconsidered unless there’s food involved. If you’re considering treating your teeth to a spa day give the Torrance Dental Associates a call and speak to the excellent dental team in Walnut Park, CA. Led by Dr. Alireza Movassaghi, they’ll help you navigate your pharmacy to find the products that will help you treat your mouth to a little extra tender care. While you’re at it you can make an appointment for a cleaning and consultation with one of the areas most respected dental providers, so don’t wait to give them a call and get yourself scheduled! Between the pampering and excellent dental care, your mouth will thank you.

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