The Anatomy of Your Teeth


Your teeth work hard, allowing you to enjoy your favorite foods, speak clearly, and keep your smile bright and healthy. While many people know what teeth look like, many don’t know or think about the composition of teeth. The 32 white pearls inside your mouth have a lot of interesting facts about them, and each part of your teeth play an essential role in how they protect your gums, mouth, and insides. Maintaining your oral health can lead to a longer, happier life, and it all starts by understanding how each part works.

The Parts of Your Teeth You Do and Don’t See:

The Crown – The crown s the exterior part of the tooth that you can see. Each tooth has a unique shape that allows it to perform the tasks it needs to. For instance, while the frontal teeth will enable you to slice and cut your foods, the back teeth, or molars, give you the ability to grind up harder grains to prepare for swallowing.

The Gumline – This is where the teeth enter the gums and are the visible base of your teeth. This area is critical, as plaque and tartar can develop over time if not taken care of because, in healthy teeth, the root isn’t visible because healthy gums cover the teeth.

The Root – Hidden in beneath the gums are the roots of the teeth, set firmly in the jawbone line and secured into the mouth. The root makes up for two-thirds of the tooth total, as it securely holds the tooth in place, allowing it to do its job.

The Enamel – This is the external layer of the teeth, covering the crown and root. As one of the hardest parts of the human body, the enamel helps protect the internal components of the teeth from damage. As a tissue that is infused with minerals, its necessary that proper oral care is taken to help preserve the longevity of the enamel, as not doing so can cause the tooth and gums to decay.

The Dentin – Underneath the enamel, the dentin is the second layer of the tooth that can be attacked by bacteria, tartar, and plaque when exposed. This layer is filled with tiny holes that help connect the exterior of the teeth to the pulp.

The Pulp – The pulp is where all the nerves, blood, and tissue of the tooth lives. During the early stages of its development, the pulp helps to form the tooth by giving the teeth nourishment. Once the adult teeth come in, the teeth can live without the flesh, but if the teeth are removed, the pulp can become infected.

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