The Benefits of Seeing a Family Dentist

Family Dentist meeting with patient

Family dentists can offer all the same services as general dentists, but the main difference between these two professions is that family dentists specialize in procedures for all ages and take a unique focus on giving family-centered care. Family dentists become the recognizable faces for children, the trusted advisers for parents, and the kind clinicians for the elderly. Family dentists have calmer atmospheres, compassionate dental services, and an insight into family life and concerns that other dentists may lack. They offer a wide array of oral and dental services and can tackle every stage of life to meet the needs of their patients. Not convinced? Here are some of the reasons we personally recommend family dentists:

Appointments for the Entire Family

Family dentists can work with the struggles of managing schedules and are highly adaptable to family needs. Parents can call and make appointments ahead of time for all of their children, and even schedule appointments for grandparents. Family practices typically have longer office hours and can easily accommodate busy family lives, such as school, sports, and other activities.

A Gentler Form of Care

Most often, dental anxiety is why people don’t see the dentists; dentists with bad reputations and a lack of patient awareness can cause terrible memories for children and adults. Family dentists often have calmer environments and understand the appeal of child psychology to know those harsh surroundings can create a less than comfortable experience. Family dentists will also engage with and explain their procedures to parents, all the while giving treatments that help in preventing tooth cavities.

Family Dentists are Educators

Family dentists have a special way with children, and can often interact with and teach children valuable life skills that will help them later on in the future. They can show them the ins and outs of their teeth, tell them the importance of why good oral care matters, and teach them better brushing and flossing habits. They also have the best insight into their health and can give parents advice on how to reinforce dental hygiene at home.

A Steady Relationship That Grows

Family dentists often have a better time building trust with parents. Their voice becomes a guide for parents wishing the most for their children and grandparents, and through their expert advice, it can help provide new suggestions for child care and create an impact on their child’s life for good quality dental care. They’ll inform you about any problems they see, offer comprehensive solutions, and guide their patients towards better dental health.

At Torrance Dental Associates, Dr. Alireza Movassaghi has insight into family dynamics and can offer dental care that’s gentle, compassionate, and convenient. Dr. Movassaghi and his team of family dentists will be able to treat the whole family and help kids find the comfort they need to feel that they are in good hands. Located in Torrance, CA, Dr. Movassaghi can take care of all your family dental needs. Schedule a dental appointment today to learn more about Dr. Movassaghi’s services.

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