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The Benefits of Seeing a Family Dentist

Family dentistry and general dentistry have much in common, because they both provide quality dental care for patients, using the same equipment, under the same regulations, and offer their patients insight into their oral health. However, unlike general dentistry, family dentistry handles patients of all ages and can provide dental care for different members of a family all under one office. For families in search of dentists, family dentists make life considerably more accessible due to their ability to serve all members no matter their age. Parents, children, grandparents – family dentists don’t discriminate and aim to provide the most comprehensive services in their communities, giving families the security they need. There are many merits to having a pediatric dentist, some of which can include:

Convenient Dental Appointments

A family dentist typically allows families to book appointments on the same day for multiple family members, making organizing appointments simpler to complete. From small infants to the elderly, a family dentist can bring the entire household into the office, and give the whole family the checkups they need to have healthy teeth.

More Access To Dental Services

Family dentists, unlike general dentists, offer multiple dental treatments and procedures within the same office, so you and your family won’t have to travel far for the treatments they need. A family dentist provides services such as cleaning, child braces, dentures, restorative procedures, and even cosmetic procedures for every person, making them a highly versatile option.

Easier Time Tracking Dental History

Having a dentist for the entire family means that every member’s dental records will remain in one place, rather than spread across multiple offices. A family dentist will be able to track the medical history of your family over time and speak with you about any hereditary issues they may notice over time. For families with children, understanding their genetics can be especially important when dealing with dental health, and luckily, a family dentist will be able to provide the insight needed for maintaining proper dental hygiene.

Smooth The Growing Paints

Children who see pediatric and family dentists will be able to remember the faces of their dentists more and experience positive relationships with them. Children who have more positive experiences with their dentists will also be more likely to keep an eye on their dental health when they transition into adulthood. Those children will also be more likely to see that dentist their whole lives due to a building of trust.

Build Sturdy Relationship With Your Dentist

Overall, working with a family dentist means the trust will be built. Family dentists will be more likely to relieve the anxieties of their patients and allow their patients the ability to voice their concerns easier than with general dentists. For parents and the elderly, they’ll know that with a family dentist, they’ll be in good hands because of the building of trust and friendship over time.

At Torrance Dental Associates, Dr. Alireza Movassaghi and his team of family dentists will be able to treat the whole family with quality dental services that make an impact. Located in Alameda, CA, Dr. Movassaghi works tirelessly to inform his patients of their dental health, and helps kids every day find comfort at the dental office, letting them know they’re in good hands. Contact Dr. Movassaghi today to schedule an appointment to learn more about their services.

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