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What Is An Inlay

If you’re looking for a way to repair your teeth while maintaining their natural look then you may want to look into Inlays. Inlays are a popular option for people looking for an alternative to fillings that will help protect your appearance while simultaneously protecting your teeth from future damage. Inlays are actually one of a two part treatment method that helps seal the damage to your teeth while ensuring that they stain clean and healthy.

The Process

Getting inlays is a two part process that begins with a thorough cleaning of your teeth followed by impressions being taken of your teeth. These impressions are then sent off to a lab so that they can be constructed out of your selected material. Once these are returned to the dentist’s office you’ll be called to schedule your second appointment so you can get the onlay and inlay cemented to your teeth. Once this is complete your dentist will make sure your new teeth are comfortable for you.

Why Should I Get An Inlay?

There are a multitude of benefits that come with getting inlays done, starting with the ability to have an aesthetic correction that will maintain the appearance of your teeth. If you’re looking for something more ostentatious they can be made from gold or silver, but most patients opt for the porcelain material that perfectly matches your natural teeth. All of the optional materials are exceptionally durable, and if you care for them properly they can be with you for many years. They’re also an excellent option for reinforcing your tooth structure while treating tooth decay, and are capable of getting rid of tooth sensitivity and lost teeth.

  • Inlays: These are primarily suggested by the dentist when the cavity in your tooth is of too great a size to accommodate a traditional filling. They are shaped precisely to fit the hole in your teeth.

  • Onlays: Similar to an inlay this restorative dentistry technique is used to cover the tooth’s cusp and is created out of a single solid piece of material.

Are There Any Risks Associated With Inlays?

The only risk that exists with inlays is related to the anesthetic that is administered during the treatment to numb the tooth and surrounding area. Dentist’s give this anesthetic in preparation for applying the new inlays after having given them a thorough cleaning. The anesthetic can react to certain medications, so its necessary to contact your dentist and let them know what you are presently prescribed to ensure there’s no interaction.

Inlays are a great solution for damaged teeth that will help bring back the beautiful smile you’ve always been so proud of. If you’ve been wondering if a set of inlays is capable of restoring a bright and comfortable smile for you, contact Dr. Alireza Movassaghi at the Torrance Dental Associates in Walnut Park, CA. This team of experts has been providing patients like you with great aesthetic dentistry solutions, as well as providing exceptional preventative care.

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