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Why You Should Correct Crooked Teeth

The most apparent reason individuals get braces is to straighten their teeth and enhance the look of their smiles. However, a misaligned grin can also negatively impact your mouth’s general health. There are various reasons why you should straighten your smile if you’ve been putting off getting braces because you think you’re too old.

What Are The Benefits of Correcting a Crooked Smile?

You may require pricey operations, like dental crowns or veneers, to repair the damages, depending on how weak your teeth become from wear and strain. Even after that, the issue will persist unless you receive braces or have all of your teeth covered with crowns. Some of the benefits of correcting crooked teeth, regardless of age, include:

  • Easier oral hygiene: Keeping crooked teeth clean can be exceptionally difficult. You can have trouble getting floss between your teeth if they overlap or are just too close together. Even if you can, brushing or flossing around the odd, tight angles may lead you to miss some plaque. Bacteria are drawn to this plaque, which eventually becomes plaque.
  • Straightening crooked teeth can help your body: If you have trouble maintaining good oral hygiene, your gums will also suffer. As gum disease develops, bacteria can irritate the gums, making them swollen and sore. Regular cleanings and medicines may initially make gum disease curable, but long-term dangers include tooth loss and tissue loss in the gums and jawbone.
  • Crooked teeth can strain your jaw: Some misaligned teeth might stress your jawbone and hurt. Jaw pain is more typical if an overbite or other dental irregularity affects your bite or chew. Your teeth should all come into contact immediately and easily fit together while you eat. However, if your teeth are misaligned, your bite could be unequal.
  • Crooked teeth increase damage risk: Your teeth are made to face natural wear and tear when you chew, but crooked teeth could sustain more damage than usual. Your teeth may weaken due to the additional stress, making them potentially more brittle. Repeated tooth-to-tooth contact can wear down the enamel even if the tooth doesn’t shatter.

If you can’t effectively brush your teeth, your chance of developing dental decay will rise. Your enamel will start deteriorating due to the germs eating away at it. This makes it possible for germs to enter the tooth’s underlying tissues and cause decay. But if the decay gets to the tooth’s pulp, it can cause a severe infection that can call for an extraction or root canal treatment. This uneven bite pressure exposes Your jaw joints to unequal tension. When you eat, the muscles and joints in your jaw may feel uncomfortable or painful. Some people may stop eating particular meals because of this, which can result in malnutrition. In short, crooked teeth can lead to health concerns in other body parts.

Torrance Dental Associates Can Correct Crooked Teeth, Regardless of Your Age!

Not only do crooked teeth lower your self-esteem, but they can also harm the general condition of your smile. Additionally, misaligned teeth sustain more damage, which can be costly. Call us at (310) 327-4166 to make an appointment if you have any questions about how braces might benefit you.

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